Research Committee 01: Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution   Welcome !  This is the website of the Research Committee 01: Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution. RC 01 is one of the 55 Research Committees of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Its roots go back until 1964. Initially, it was called Armed Forces and Society and later on - in 1980 - renamed as its program was extended to include the field of conflict research. The objectives of RC 01 are briefly described by the following 5 items: (1) Stimulating research on armed forces and conflict resolution. (2) Establishing and maintaining international contacts between scientists and research institutions. (3) Encouraging the exchange and the discussion of relevant research findings. (4) Supporting academic research and the study of military-related sociology. (5) Planning and carrying out research conferences. Membership in RC 01 is open to all scientists active in research and/or teaching on military- related social sciences and conflict resolution. © RC 01 Made with Xara
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